Creating multiple streams of income without wearing yourself out can be quite tricky, especially if obligations such as family, school or even your nine to five job take priority. The goal is to find what is easy and convenient… FOR YOU. Here are a few examples of Multiple Streams of Income that I recommend.

  1. Open an eBay Store: Unlike your classic brick and mortar places of business, your eBay store is a virtual brick and mortar store (minus the overhead.) Just think. There are no costs for leasing space. No utilities. No hassle of hiring employees or having  set operating hours. An eBay store allows you the luxury of making money on your own time and on your own terms. If you’re looking for inventory, start by shopping your closet. In my 13 years experience with eBay, I find that new/gently used shoes/handbags/accessories and perfumes are quite popular. Certain books and children’s clothing are popular as well. You can choose to auction your items or sell them outright at a set price (Buy It Now.) Here’s the catch: If you wish to be successful at your eBay store, you must keep inventory in stock at all times (even if it’s just a few items) and a variety of items is preferred. Be mindful of the pricing of your items. Your item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
  2. Find something you enjoy doing, or are good at… AND FIND A WAY TO MAKE MONEY DOING IT: Are you bilingual? Offer private lessons, or consider teaching an ESL class. Good in Math? Consider becoming a Math Tutor. Are you a “techie?” You’d be surprised how many people would rather NOT install Windows on their computer or do the simplest of troubleshooting when it comes to their computers. That’s where you come in. Do you enjoy exercising, working out and eating healthy? Consider becoming a Personal Trainer. Can you play the guitar, piano or other instrument? Same applies. Do you love animals? Consider dog sitting or becoming a dog walker. Babysitting is very popular among teenaged/college females. Signing with an agency would guarantee you hours and if you’re good at it, word of mouth is the best referral.  Catch my drift? These are just a few examples of skills you can tap into to make extra money.
  3. Write a Book: Years ago before the age of the Kindle and e-books, self-publishing was the most cost efficient way to get your book to the masses. Now, all you need is the manuscript, a good editor (or editing software) and VOILA! Your book is available as a Kindle e-book for $5.99. That isn’t so bad if you’ve sold 2000 units and counting! NOTE: Freelance writing isn’t off limits either. It may take a while to find one, but there are some publications who will PAY for your article submissions so keep your writing skills sharp.
  4. Become a Substitute Teacher or a Realtor : If your schedule allows, become a substitute teacher. Subbing one day a week could generate an additional $200-$300 monthly depending on whether you hold a college degree or are certified by the state to teach. Also, with the housing market bouncing-back, real estate can be an effective income producer. I’m a licensed Real Estate Broker and it’s always good to have my license to fall back on if necessary.  NOW IF ALL ELSE FAILS…..
  5. Get a Part-Time Job: As much as I hated working part-time jobs in my life, I did it any way because I had to. In high school I worked for a popular fast food chain, in college I worked at a gas station (not as a mechanic lol,) I’ve worked for a grocery chain, I’ve worked making copies at night for a law firm (through a temp agency) you name it, I’ve probably done it. I can recall working a nine to five, driving home, grabbing a quick bite to eat, then heading to my six to ten (or six to later depending on where I was working.) Retail is ALWAYS available, video stores were once popular (until Redbox and Netflix dominated,) and let’s not forget fast food restaurants. For many, fast food is the absolute last resort, but if there were nothing else and you really needed the income, you’d take it. If you just can’t fathom working in fast food, consider Starbucks which offers its employees (even its part time employees) health insurance. There are many people working there just for the health benefits.
So as you can see, there are many ways to generate multiple streams of income. It all depends on your area of expertise as well as your flexibility. Don’t rely on just one stream of income, if possible, have SEVERAL STREAMS because they all have one common denominator; Getting you one step closer to reaching your financial goals. GOAL AFTER IT!!! They aren’t called “Multiple Streams of Income” for nothing.
~The Financial Hack (copyright 2015)


  1. Great Post Andrea.
    Just one suggestion for eBay and selling books.
    Make sure you ship your books correctly by avoiding expensive shipping fees.
    Use eBay ship label program–printing your shipping label saves you 20% and always use Media Mail through USPS (can also be used on eBay) The wife you will get stuck with expensive shipping fees, especially if your book is heavy, 🙂


    1. Yep. You’re absolutely correct. I wasn’t paying attention on a book I sold and stated it would ship priority. Bummer! But I had to ship in the manner in which I stated. I’m sure the buyer would have understood, but I’d rather not risk negative feedback. Some people look for the smallest error to give you a scathing report.

      I hadn’t looked into printing my own labels since I’m not doing heavy volume like I used to, but if it’ll save me shipping fees, I’M ALL IN!!!

      Thanks for posting!


      1. Yes! Do it Andrea (sp?) It’s 20% off, you can even print it on regular paper and just tape or glue it on the envelope + they give you free tracking or its .20 cents.. Something like that- I know there were some changes this year w/ USPS.

        Some buyers like to pretend they didn’t get their items.. Sometimes I would forget to enter the tracking number on eBay and I would get messages saying I didn’t get this– lo and behold when you say, “I am sorry, I forgot to give you your tracking number, then tell them, “looks like your package was delivered two weeks ago” and they respond, “oh, I have it it was delivered next-door”
        Anyone reading my comment- I mention this because there are people who take advantage- but I would say majority of ebay buyers & sellers are honest. 🙂 but if you do sell on eBay- advantage of the eBay shipping program (labels) they provide you with tracking and they will take the amount out of your sale so you don’t have to pay out of pocket–you start selling your money won’t be available immediately, it’s for your protection in the buyers protection, but once you’re like around for like six months to a year they give you your money immediately, you can’t blame ebay for that either- just put yourself in the buyers situation.

        Girl, I hear you about Feedback. *sigh* I had an incident, I’ll tell you about via DM.

        On another note:
        I don’t understand how all them books are for sale at Amazon for a penny- Lol. I’m serious, and only $3.99 shipping.

        I’m so glad I found your website. I like it. I bet you are organized in life- remember from your VLOGS- was always impressed on how organized your closet was. LOL!


  2. Great tips on creating multiple sources of income! I especially like the suggestion of making income for yourself through your own talents!


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