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“PERISCOPE UNOFFICIAL” WENT WELL TODAY. The “Virtual Meet and Greet” ran way longer than expected but you guys were asking such great questions I had to keep it going. I promise next broadcast, the content will be better organized and the questions I didn’t get a chance to address will answered BEFORE new content is presented. There are also a couple of answers I gave that must be double-checked regarding accuracy. I certainly don’t want to misrepresent any info given. I do appreciate all those that tuned in, those that participated and of course all the love/hearts. If you missed it, CHECK OUT THE REPLAY while supplies last. l’ll see you soon!


WE’RE FOUR DAYS AWAY FROM MY FIRST “UNOFFICIAL” PERISCOPE VIRTUAL MEET AND GREET!!! It’s going down this Saturday November 21st from 1-2pm CST. I’ll introduce myself, tell you a little bit about me, why I have chosen my current path/what I wish to accomplish, then wrap up with a brief Q&A. Follow The Financial Hack @IAmCoachAndrea for the live broadcast as well as future live broadcasts regarding budgeting, creative saving, financial fitness, personal finance training, motivation and more.