Have you ever stopped to open your Valpak coupon envelope that comes in the mail?


I can honestly say EVERY TIME I got a “Valpak” envelope, it went STRAIGHT to the recycle bin. Why you may ask? I’ll tell you….

I opened one once (insert eye roll.) I saw so many coupons for dry cleaning, which I rarely took advantage of, discounts on garage door repair and service (which I don’t need because as a Property Manager, I have a contractor who does all the work not only for my properties, but those that I manage as well,) oh and let’s not talk about the endless coupons for local restaurants not to mention the Quick Lube/In and Out oil change locations in the area. I say all of that to say, perusing Valpak coupons to me was a HUGE WASTE OF TIME… Or so I thought.

Since I’m really focused on meeting financial goals by saving money where I can, I decided on a whim to open a Valupak I received a couple of weeks ago. Let me tell you about the TOP 3 TREASURES I found inside:

  1. BANK COUPON: I received a coupon from a local bank that would give me $150 for opening a checking account as long there was a monthly EFT going into the account. POW!!! Right on time. I was able to pick up a job (yet another stream of income) where I set my own work schedule, hours and guess what? IT OFFERED DIRECT DEPOSIT!!!  So guess who received $150 in addition to the opening balance that was placed into the account. (High fives myself here.)
  2. LOCAL SPA: Although I take care of my skin, I like to treat myself to an occasional facial. I found a coupon for a $45 facial (which includes a 15 minute shoulder massage.) Excellent!! This will be a “treat myself for remaining vigilant in reaching my financial goals” reward.
  3. LOCAL HIBACHI RESTAURANT: I found a coupon that offered a GIGANTOR discount on the final bill. This restaurant is very special to me for “personal” reasons. We plan to go at the end of this month. ALL OF US. 😎
So you see. The Valpak isn’t that bad. The Valpak is your friend. Before you toss the next one that comes in the mail, open it. It’s like going to the thrift store. The treasures are hidden…. YOU JUST GOTTA DIG FOR THEM!!!
~The Financial Hack ©2015


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