The temptation to give in to taking today off for the Labor Day holiday was strong. VERY STRONG. I didn’t go to bed until almost 3am because of a late start I got doing weekly household chores. My sister was dragging as well but despite how we felt, we had a job to do. And although it was just the two of us today, we loaded up two cars and set off to hydrate the homeless on this scorching day. It started off cloudy, but by the time we rolled out, the sun was definitely unwavering at beating down upon us and those that we served. It’s amazing how ONE “thank you” or “God Bless You,” is enough to energize me. That which is sometimes clouded becomes as clear as a day like today. I played music from the truck and those we served seemed to enjoy my antics; the dancing, the singing, all with a smile on my face. I ran across the street about half a block to give the lady who is usually too weak to walk a cup of ice, a bottle of water and a zip lock bag of ice to keep her cool. To her left was another that needed hydrating as well. After two additional trips, I walked back triumphantly to the truck waving my arms up and down as a football player raises the roof to get the crowd hype. Man it feels good to help others.

From there, we headed to our second location, Tent City. As with the first location, the people know my truck now and are always happy to see us. With it being the holiday, my sister and I thought at the last minute of course, it would have been a nice surprise to pass out chopped beef sack lunches for the holiday. Shoot. That’s okay. There’s always next week.

Of course, there’s the lady I always visit to fill her cooler up with ice. I’m not sure what draws me to her. She’s an older woman, friendly, and always remarks about how church service was so good. Perhaps it’s her resolve that draws me to her. She doesn’t allow her circumstances to dictate her attitude. Today she told me about today’s message and how she loved her church (Turning Point.) Before I left, I asked her name. I had forgotten before. She told me Cecilia. As she told me I
looked in her eyes. I studied her and thought to myself, “I know her. I’ve seen her somewhere before,” but I couldn’t put my finger on it. As we were leaving, her husband said, “My wife is famous. She’s all over the internet.” and then it hit me….


Photo Cred: The Dallas Morning News

Cecilia Terrell is the woman pictured in the article where I spoke of her almost four weeks ago. The woman I promised I would come back to fill her cooler up with ice.

Read MY ARTICLE here:

Here’s the Dallas Morning News article about “Tent City” here:

Wow. A local celebrity. That’s more than I can say.

See you next Sunday… Miss Cecilia.

~The Financial Hack ©2015

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