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If you are a House of Cards fan, you know these were words uttered by VP Frank Underwood advising Secretary of State Kathy Durant regarding diplomatic relations with China. Although House of Cards is a fictitious show, his statement rings true and can be applied to any area in our lives, relationships or situations in which we are not satisfied . IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY THE TABLE IS SET:

1. If you’re TIRED of being broke.

2. If you’re TIRED of mismanaging your finances.

3. If you’re TIRED of not being able to get ahead.

4. If you’re TIRED of worrying about how to make ends meet.

5. If you’re TIRED of arguing with your spouse about money.

6. If you’re sick and TIRED of being SICK AND TIRED, do something about it….


Take back your finances, take back your family, your marriage, your life and your peace of mind. Once you’ve turned over the table, RE-ARRANGE it in such a way that is advantageous and acceptable to you. 

~The Financial Hack ©2015


I’ll rather drive this paid off ’08 Honda Coupe and ’03 Yukon Denali than pay a car note on that C-Class Mercedes I used to drive back in ’04 where I could barely keep up with the scheduled maintenance let alone how I would pay for major repairs not included in the extended warranty. Catch me in 15 years when my mortgages are paid off… I’d rather impress you by mentioning I just made the LAST mortgage payments than check out my new car!!! Don’t be mad y’all… The truth hurts. It’s HURTFUL, but NECESSARY! #IAmCoachAC #ImHereToHelp